Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Refrigerator Battles

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Just over three years ago, we moved into our current house and bought a snazzy new GE side by side fridge that gives water and ice through the door.

Well, it turns out our very cool fridge is temperamental.

Great, just what I need….another contrary person in my house.

About six months ago, it stopped offering us ice through the door. Just a short time later, it stopped passing out water too.

Now, this was something I could live with for a short time. It’s not convenient but I can certainly reach my hand into the ice drawer and get a handful myself. We did plan on calling a repair man but the months passed with no phone call.

Hmm. Then about a month ago, we started hearing odd sounds coming from the freezer. Shortly after that, it started tripping itself out completely. I’d open the freezer door only to find water dripping, squishy ice cream, and softening food.

Uh oh.

After a bit of finagling, I could usually get it back on so it was freezering again.

You like my new word? I think it’s cool. (pun intended)

But now this (fill in the blank) refrigerator only works about 8 hours a day. It picks the 8 hours it wants to work. I have no say in the matter.


So yesterday, I waited all afternoon for the repairman to come pay a visit. I was excited thinking about getting crushed ice from the door and being able to keep frozen foods, well, frozen.

I shouldn’t have gotten excited.

This nice little old man came, took apart my freezer, and after some testing, promptly said,

“It is the circuit board. It will be $428 to fix it.”

Holy Toledo.

Needless to say, our food remains in the garage fridge, the inside one remains on its contrary schedule, and I am scouring the internet to find the part ourselves.

The fix-it sites say it’s a quick, easy, $125 fix.

Hope they are right.


Denise said...

Wow, $400. Chip in another $500 and you could have a brand spankin' new fridge! I hope you find the part AND that you can "easily" fix it.

Carrie said...

time to buy a regular old one! I have the fancy one too-it did(ice and water thing) the same thing and I took out the filter works fine now. I already have a filter and all that jazz before it gets to the fridge why do I need one in there?

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Only Kristen could turn a repair story into such humor! Good luck! I can't wait to laugh over your "fix it" story. :)


Jboo said...

Yikes!! Hope you are good at DIY projects! Nice that you have that other refrig and freezer! Good luck! :)


RamblingMother said...

Oh no! That is terrible. Hope you can find all the parts.

Margaret M said...

Enjoyed catching up! Wow that much to fix it! Unbelieveable but here I sit with no hot water as I am struggling to find someone to fix my water heater.

Just finished a good book, have your read..Firefly would like it!