Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ice, Ice, Baby!

When I last left you, I was battling my refrigerator to give me ice, water, and well frankly, freeze things. The local repairman quoted me over $400 to fix it.


So what do I do? I start searching the internet for possible solutions. One was to order the part myself for $125 and an easy fix. No problem. I can do that. Maybe.

Well, in my quest for information, I came across numerous sites talking about my particular model and others manufactured around the same time. Seems they all have issues with the main circuit board.

Gee, that’s what the first repairman said about mine.

As I continued to read, I saw that GE had issued a service bulletin regarding this particular circuit board which stated that regardless of warranty status, GE would replace this part for free.

Say what? I’m liking this.

However, the most recent postings regarding this was from September 2008. Well, even if GE would not honor the bulletin anymore, perhaps they would be sympathetic and fix it cheaper than I could do myself.

After plopping the girls down in front of the television, I picked up the phone to call GE. I was transferred around a few times but eventually reached a nice lady named Chiquita.

I kid you not.

I explained my plight to Chiquita, added the information about the service bulletin which I had found online, and asked what step we needed to take next to resolve my issue.

A service call was planned for today with the agreement that if it was the circuit board, I would need to pay $100 to replace it. So, not free anymore but still less than it would cost me to fix it myself.

And, it would be fixed by a professional. Works for me!

So today, I get a call from Bill at GE telling me he’s on his way. Yes! Let’s hope he can solve my crisis.

At 2:50, he rang my doorbell. I open it up to see Bill, a dad from my class! What a coincidence! His twin boys were in my class this past year. I knew he worked for GE but didn’t know in what capacity. Now I do. He rescues moms from going crazy due to lack of ice and freezering.

At 2:57, Bill is done. He has replaced the motherboard and said everything will work perfectly now.

Oh, and by the way, there is no charge.

Whoo hoo!

Thank you Bill, GE, and the internet for saving my sanity!


Jill said...

Um, can you say SU-WEEEEEET!!
I am impressed! Rarely do things like that happen anymore!
Great news! (Now, maybe you could take that $100 and go by a pair of shoes or something..LOL)

Jboo said...

Yay!! Wow -- that is super cool news! Research on the internet does pay off.


day by day said...

Wow...that could not have worked out any better for you! Hope you are enjoying your ice, now. : )

Mary said...

Lucky you! And the lady's name cracks me up! I live in a large Latin area, and I have never actually met anyone with that name.

Margaret M said...

It still amazes me of the "wealth" of information available to us via the internet! Great story and I have always been a sucker for a good ending!

Laura L. said...

Wow, that is such great news! I am happy for you that it worked out so well.
Sometimes it seems that those type of situations just turn out to be a pain, expensive, etc.
How wonderful that it turned out so well for you.
Woo hoo! I think you should celebrate with ice cream. :)

meggie (: said...

Ms. Kristin -

With your help, I received a 99% on the paper about teaching. Thank you so much! Why it was not a 100% beats me, but I'll still take the A!

I was wondering since you have so many followers, along with Ms. Denise, if you could remind others about our fundraiser. I would really appreciate it, along with my momma. Thanks!