Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bring Molly Home!!!

My friend Teresa at Continuing the Journey needs our help. She and her husband, Kevin, have three adorable kids. Meggie is in high school, a dancer, a driver, and an aspiring teacher. Carson, a preschooler adopted from China, is such a cutie! I love reading about mischieveous side. He makes me feel better about my antics with Anna Grace. Hee hee!

And then there is Molly.

Molly is currently waiting for her family to come meet her in China. Teresa and Kevin were told it would take 3-5 months to receive their LOA (basically, the form to say YES you want to adopt this child).But in their case, it took six weeks.

How wonderful!!! That means Molly will be home much sooner.

Except that Teresa and Kevin had planned on overtime and additional hours at work to help fund their trip. Uh oh. So wonderful that China was working faster than expected but hard when you had planned on having more time to save money.

We’ve all been in that boat at some point or another. If you look at my sidebar, you will see links to The Oatsvall Team and Help Bring Anna Grace Home. These are families who have also reached out for help to bring home their precious babies.

Well, Teresa has had the help of many friends to start a fundraiser for Molly. Every little bit helps. For $5 a chance, you may win one of these amazing prizes!!!

1) autographed copy of Silent Tears by Kay Bratt

2) Handmade Pirate and Princess costumes

3) 7" Sony digital picture frame

4) a Swarovski crystal bracelet with a bead that says "mom"

5) a Vera Bradly tote, your choice of color and pattern, courtesy of Meggie!!

6) an 8 pack of movie tickets to Regal cinemas.

Now, I’m saying right off the bat that I’d like the Vera Bradley tote or the movie tickets. Gee, or the bracelet, or book. Definitely the picture frame and costumes.

Hmm. Guess that means there’s nothing for the rest of you!!

Nah, seriously. Please, if you are able, help bring Molly home. She has an amazing family waiting for her.

Head on over to Continuing the Journey and Chip In. The drawing will be held in mid-July!

Good luck and..............Thank You!!


Teresa =) said...

Kristin -

Thank you so much for this! I hope you win a prize (or two, or three) when we hold the raffle in mid July!

Love you!

Teresa =)

Carrie said...

Kristin you ROCK!