Friday, June 26, 2009

Are We There Yet?

Snacks and water? Check.
TV and movies? Check.
Full tank of gas? Check.
All the kids? Check.

Let’s rock and roll!

We hit the open road bound for South Carolina where we would visit with my grandmother, great-aunt, and parents for the day. Everyone settled in for the three hour drive. Alex played his guitar, Katie had her i-pod going, and the girls watched a movie---with headphones!

We happily sped along…..for ten minutes. And then traffic slowed to a crawl. Dave told me this is pretty typical on a weekday due to all our wonderful interstate construction. Okay. So we kept creeping ever so slowly knowing our time schedule has now been shot to pieces.

Finally, I called Dave at work to have him check the online status of the roads. He pulled it up and said, “Uh oh.”

Uh oh? That’s not good.

Nope, an accident one mile ahead of me was the cause of our issue. Yeah for me. But it was due to be cleared in fifteen minutes so yes, yeah for me.

Whew. Finally back up to speed but forty-five minutes behind schedule. And the questions start. Are we almost there? You said it would be a short trip. What does Grandma’s house look like? Can I watch another movie?

Now, my grandmother lives in assisted living. So, there was no house to describe. Or at least not one the girls would understand. Katie finally said, “it’s a hotel for old people”.

And that made sense to them. Go figure.

Three hours later, we pulled up at the center, unloaded all our stuff, and began our visit. Lunch was had, pictures shared, stories told,

yearbook poured over,

guitar strummed,

hide-and-seek and Uno played.

Katie spent time goofing with the camera…

Alas, our time had to come to an end as we still had a three hour trip home. A picture taken with great-grandmother

and grandparents

rounded out our day.

We loaded back into the car ready to make the reverse drive home. Movies, guitar, i-pod, pit stop for ice cream, and life is good.

Until we hit metro Atlanta. At rush hour. Yep, timed that one really well. Suffice it to say, we had a four hour trip home.

Eight hours in the car for a three hour visit.

Questions non stop on the drive.

Perhaps our last visit for a while.

Seeing Grandma enamored with the kids.



Julie said...

OMG - Do your girls ask question after question after question after question without ever breathing too?? Mary Austin is KILLING ME with all the questions! I know this is developmentally appropriate but this stage needs to come with some valium for Mommy! I now have to enforce a 2 minute "our mouths are still" rule. Consequences are serious for breaking the rule! As in no desert for those who do!

Jaime said...

Priceless indeed.

Carrie said...

I had the same thing durning our trip to NC. "Are we there yet?"-boy do I hear my voice when I was a kid-Can you say pay back?

The Johnson 5 said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful visit!!

Ivy said...

Hi Kristin,
I miss you! Love reading all your have such a way with applying humor to everything, even long car rides in traffic! Oy, I don't think I could do that:))

The children are getting so big, I better stop by more often! It's great to see them with their Grandparents, it means so much to them.

Adorable post!

Keep in touch.

Happy 4th of July too!