Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One of THOSE days....

Ever have one of those days? That would have been Anna Grace today.

*She woke up was awoken on the wrong side of the bed, yeah for us, fussed the whole time getting dressed, and yelled, “I don’t want to go to school today!”

*She didn’t want to leave my room to go to her own class. I had to push her out the door.

*At lunch time, she was moved to the silent lunch table (no friends, no talking, all by yourself) for not sitting on her bottom and leaning on the table. Uh hello?? This is what she does ALL the time. Plus, if she sat on her bottom in the lunch chairs, she wouldn’t be able to eat. She’s too short.

*The assistant who moved her there apologized to me. However, when I looked over at Anna Grace, she was sobbing uncontrollably. I went over to see her, gave her a hug, whereupon she clung to me, and tried to soothe her. She had not eaten much lunch at all.

*I had to pick up my own class and leave. It was all I could do to not cry with her. When I left with my class, I looked over at her and the sobbing got more intense.

*Her teacher, already forewarned by me, picked up her class and returned to the room. She sat with Anna Grace, comforted her, and coaxed her into eating more lunch while the rest of the class had a few minutes of “downtime” (ie: playtime). AG became distracted by all of them and settled down.

*I received an email from her teacher about 15 minutes after lunch telling me she’d calmed down, had eaten lunch, and had a new crown courtesy of her friends.

*When I saw her at PE, she said, “Mommy, another bad thing happened. Nicholas stabbed with his pencil in math centers!”

*After school, her assistant told me that on the way back from PE, Anna Grace had slipped in the hallway and bonked her head on the wall.

Maybe we should have let her go back to bed today and skip school!


Laura L. said...

Oh, that does sound like a bad day. I'm sure that was hard for you also, to want to be with AG but have to take care of your class as well.
Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.
Better take a peek to see which side of the bed she's on before you wake her tomorrow. :)

asiangarden said...

Oh goodness! That is a bad day!

NeuroMama said...

Poor Anna Grace! I hope her mommy does something extra special for her tonight. I've also had one of those days, so I can relate tonight!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Poor girl! Sounds like she needs some extra loving tonight...
Here's hoping for a better tomorrow...

wingepr said...

Oh my goodness, that poor little girl, and poor you. Its amazing you were able to keep it together.

I hope she has a better day tomorrow.


Denise said...

Poor Anna Grace needs some extra lovin' tonight! She should have just gone back to bed, huh? Is she doing better since she's come home?

Lately both my girls tell me they don't want to go to school and they both usually love school. I can't figure out what's going on. All they say is that they "miss me" when they are gone.

Jill said...

Bless her sweet heart. I hope she's not coming down with something!
I cannot imagine having to walk away while she was crying. That must have been so hard for you.
I will say a small prayer that tomorrow goes better.
Hugs, Jill

JShannon said...

Oh my, pool little AG. It must have been sooooo hard for you to walk away from her at lunch.