Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Anna Grace has been counting down the days until today.....Mommy's birthday. Evidently, she even had a countdown in her classroom during calendar time. Good grief!

Around 8am this morning, I was in my classroom chatting with the speech therapist as my students got settled in for the day. I looked at my door and saw Katie and Alex appear. Huh?

They brought me a cookie cake, chocolate, and flowers. Wasn't that sweet?? I was very touched and surprised. What good kids!

Until.........I left school and headed to my car. This is what I found:

Oh. My. Gosh.

In all honesty, it was very cute and such a Katie thing to do. But I had to drive home with the arrows pointing to my window from the words Hot Mom.

I made sure to not make eye contact with any vehicles near me at a stop light!!


Denise said...

Go Katie!!! Don't hide it Kristin, FLAUNT IT!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Laura L. said...

LOL! I'm sure it wasn't too funny for you though, having to drive the "hot mom" vehicle.
Well at least they gave you a surprise for your birthday. :)

Happy birthday!

JShannon said...

Oh my, I would have melted (from embarrassment) into the parking lot if that were me! lol. But then I would have laughed and just went with it. What great and thoughtful children you have.

Kate said...

Oh I love it! I don't think I will let my kids see it though... It really is sweet, and funny, and sweet. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful one! Enjoy!!!

NeuroMama said...

Happy Birthday! Revel in your hot mom-ness. Hopefully, you had a great birthday and it was all Anna Grace hoped it would be. LOL

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

I cracked up reading that post! What a sweet thing to do but I'd have been so embarrassed too!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Hot Mom!! This is too funny! They must know their mom has a good sense of humor. What great kids you have!

Ashley and Mike said...

I totally love it!!!! Oh I wish I was in Newnan tonight so I could have honked at the Hot Mom! Hot Mom Check In - What What! Happy Birthday! I am going to be around all weekend and next week so you let me know when and we will hook up!

Karen said...

Sweet--- but oh so funny! I can picture you driving with those arrows! Happy Birthday!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Omgoodness, that is so clever. what sweet kiddos! seriously funny stuff! Your kiddos rock.

Happy Birthday!!!!

And fyi- you are one hot mama!!!


Denise said...

There's a little "day after your birthday" present for you on my blog!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday- I love the Hot Mom thing. Did you have cute guys honking at you?????????????

Darlene said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I'd be proud riding in my van, and I think it's neat that Katie is honoring you in her special way!

Ivy said...


You have a wonderful family!



wingepr said...

OK, I'm still rolling on the floor. I would have died. Oh but so cute and how nice of your daughter.
Sounds like you had a great day.

Happy Birthday

Donna said...

That is the sweetest thing!! You should have blown all the other drivers!!