Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Cry For Help!!!

I’m in a bloggy rut.
What to do, what to do?
Life seems so boring
although always a zoo.

I feel like I’m sinking
way down in the deep.
Days speed on by
with not enough sleep.

Is it only me
feeling this way?
Is it only me
who is wiped out each day?

I know, I am whining
sorry to say.
Let me tell you a bit
of each of my days.

Monday, no school!
Yeah for us, yeah for us!
No reason to get up
and get on a bus.

Tuesday, oh my.
My assistant in DC
so craziness abounds
in my class of twenty.

Stayed late to get ready
for another day alone.
Had a flat tire.
Oh, a reason to moan!

Wednesday arrived.
No assistant today.
Eek! Will I make it?
Barely, I shall say.

And then shopping I go,
more things to buy.
It’s never ending I think.
I just want to cry!

And then comes today,
the 100th day of school.
Kids had a great time,
thought the day was quite cool.

Ah tomorrow!
The day of the week
we look forward to
with smiles in our cheeks.

Friday, oh Friday.
The start of a break.
Some down time, and quiet time.
This day takes the cake!

So my dear friends,
I hope to be back.
Once I can nap,
I can get right on track!

My hat’s off to you
who can stay sane all the week..
‘Cuz I sure can’t do it now
Calmness I do seek.

I will return
to happy, perky me.
Just give me some time
To gain SANITY!!!!


Kim said...

You are just way to clever!! I love these poems of yours!

Put your feet up this weekend you deserve the break!

Jewelz said...

I've heard the most creative people are actually quite insane. Now I know how you come up with these very cute and creative poems!!!

One more day! One more day! Hang in there!

Denise said...

Sorry, Jewelz is me. Dog gone girl keeps signing onto Google and I don't check to see that she's signed in when I leave a comment.


Margaret M said...

I love your poems. Tomorrow is will make it!

Donna said...

How DO you make up these cool poems!? Your week sounds like mine, too much to do (without the flat tire..sorry 'bout that!)

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Oh...I can so relate. It's been quite a week.
My almost 4 year old is always asking be what words rhyme. You'd think I'd be able to write a poem with all that practice but no such luck.

Carrie said...

Kristen you make my day!!!