Thursday, January 8, 2009

Calgon, take me away!!!

I know, I just dated myself again. Too bad. It fits my needs right now.

I have been absent lately due to being very overwhelmed with the return to school. I think going back to school/work after being gone for the weekend, trying to get everyone back into a routine, and expecting company tomorrow has put me over the edge. I have been in bed at 8:30 the past two nights but even then, I don’t sleep well, can cope for the day, but after dinner, I’m gone.

Here is a glimpse into today:

5:30am wake up
6:15am get girls up
6:40am leave for school
7:00am drop off Abby at the daycare
7:15am arrive at school
7:30am kids start arriving in class
7:30-2:30 spend all day with 19 kindergarteners with no special today (PE, etc)
2:30pm kids go home
3:30pm I leave school
3:45pm arrive in Kroger parking lot; Katie calls; she needs to go to the store too and needs a gas card
3:46pm leave Kroger parking lot
3:50pm arrive at the daycare
3:55pm buy new hairbows on display at daycare (cute!!)
4:00pm get the girls
4:15pm arrive home
4:20pm leave for Wal-Mart with Katie; girls stay home with Alex (thank heavens)
5:25pm leave Wal-Mart after buying most of what we need
5:40pm arrive home (had to get gas too)
5:55pm finished unloading and putting away
5:55pm leave for Kroger for missing items
6:15pm home and unload
6:20pm start dinner
6:25pm start laundry
6:50pm eat dinner
7:25pm make cookies
7:40pm make lunches
And the night isn't over yet.........

And this doesn’t count the basics that go on everyday. You guys know all about that, I’m sure. And to top it all off, I think I am getting a cold.

I will say that when Dave arrived home at 6:20, he put the girls in the bathtub before we ate dinner, did storytime, and picked out clothes for them before they got in bed at 8:00. Otherwise, I’d be even more crazy.

My parents arrive tomorrow for the weekend, Dave’s mom flies in for the day on Saturday on her way to Nicaragua for a mission trip, Dave has Army drill all weekend, and we have friends joining us for dinner on Saturday. I’m sure it will be a terrific but tiring weekend.

Gee, I think I’ll go to bed now. Y’all excuse me if I start to snore.

(hee hee!)

I know I am not the only one in the same boat. Please share your woes with me to make me feel better.


Denise said...

Oh Kristin, you need an Alice. You know, from the Brady Bunch? Carol Brady had an Alice and she didn't ever work outside the home- and her kids were bigger. You need an Alice. I'll get right on that for you.

My life is less crazy then when I used to work outside the home. The possibility of me having to find a "real" job is hanging over my head and the thought of dealing with the chaos is overwhelming, and I haven't even gotten a job yet (and hopefully won't have to.) You are my hero!

tarita said...

Kristen may you find the energy and peace you need to get through the weekend.

Laura L. said...

Hi there. Wow, so busy!
I can tell that you are a very giving person, always taking care of others' needs first.
I agree with Denise, you do need an Alice. :)
Hopefully after this weekend things might slow down a bit.
Maybe you'll find time for the Calgon bath soon.

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Whew...I'm exhausted just reading your post!
I'm so thankful that school is back in session and we are getting back to our routine but it does make for a very busy day. Add in potty training and my youngest starting preschool this week (which I have to attend as well so I can't run a single errand until after nap) and I'm so tired by 4. Plus the youngest is sleeping (or put more aptly, not sleeping) horribly.
Here's hoping you have fun weekend and get some much needed and deserved down-time!

Carrie said...

Yes I agree with Denise you need a Alice-she was great! I hope you get lots of sleep and have a wonderful weekend-take lots of pic's! PS there are tons of Dads that don't give baths and do story's I am glad you got one that does. Mine does too. He is a better story teller than me, does the different voices and everything!

Heather said...

I often feel that way day in & day out. I sometimes wonder if I am living the "Groundhog Day" movie!

Try to sneak some time for just you in there. I know, easy to say & hard to do. You deserve it!

Doug and Terrye said...

I'm tired just reading your schedule! :)

Terrye in FL