Sunday, July 3, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

I've been told by certain people that all my best stuff shows up on Facebook and not on the blog. Yeah, well.....

Life gets busy....aka....I don't feel like writing a post but know I will forget the funny so Facebook wins. How'd you like that run-on sentence??

So, here you go...the latest kid funnies.
Anna Grace: Why are people shooting off fireworks today? It's not July 4?
Mom: I have no idea. Maybe they don't have a calendar.
Anna Grace: Or maybe they are Japanese.
Mom: Uhhh.....
Dad: Who's excited about the 4th of July?
AG: Me!!
Abby: Me too (said in a dull voice)
Dad: A little more enthusiasm, Abs.
Abby: I don't know who he is.
Abby: Mommy, how do they make stickers?
Mom: Abby, I have no idea.
Abby: Why not? You've been to college.
Abby: Mommy, when are you going to buy more Ritz crackers?
Anna Grace (with an exasperated sigh): She is not going to buy them unless it's buy one get one free or she has a coupon.
Checked the history on the office computer and found numerous searches for "Anna Grace Richard's facebook". Oh good grief.
Took the girls to the eye doctor.....the doctor walked in and asked," So which of you two is the troublemaker?" Anna Grace piped up immediately and said, "Me!"
Dear Teen Boy: Despite your loud vocalizations and opinions on the taking of senior pictures, let me just tell you, you will not win this battle. Senior pictures are not for you....they are for me. So suck it up and deal with it.
The Boy can be bought.....use of our Six Flags parking pass in exchange for full cooperation for his casual senior pictures tomorrow. No cooperation, no pass.
Coming up soon....Fourth of July events with a full house, including two of Dave's co-workers who are brand new US citizens!! Toss in illegal fireworks, lots of food, all four kids home, and awesome friends......whoo hoo!

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Trish said...

You started my day off with a laugh. Happy 4th!