Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Not-So Very Good Day

Time to share a tale of woe…..

We loaded the van this morning, ready to head home and leave the beach behind.

Yep, we’ve been at the beach. Did I blog about it? Nope. But I will. Maybe.

Anyhow…..we were ready to roll but the van was not.

Dead battery. Great.

Flagged down someone leaving the condo complex to ask for help.

Five guys later, my van is pushed out of the parking space ready to be jumped.

Jumping commenced, and the engine came alive.

However, as the engine came alive, other things croaked.

Upon inspection, we found the only things that worked were the headlights, taillights, windows (thankyouthankyouthankyou), and the stereo.

That means, if you are thinking logically, that a whole slew of things were NOT working.

Minor things like…..


power outlets


And major things like….


gas gauge

air conditioning/entire fan system

windshield wipers

Awesome. And did I mention yet that it was raining?

Rain and no wipers.

No air conditioning, no DVD player, no way to see how fast I was going.

And rain.

But we set off hoping for the best. Stopped a few times when I couldn’t see anything at all. Drove through the off and on rain for two hours until we hit the first major town on our way home.

Dothan, Alabama.

Lunch at the oh so wonderful Dothan mall food court while Dave went to a garage to see about our issue. We were desperately hoping it was a blown fuse so an easy fix.

No such luck. All fuses were fine. Rats. Didn’t do a full diagnostic test to determine the issue. Opted to drive home and have it fixed here.

It was a Very. Very. Very. Long. Drive. Home.

Even though only two of my windows roll down, I continue to be very thankful that they were not affected by this power outage.

We’d have been some melted people by the time we got home.


Julie said...

Ugh, Sounds like a horrible ride home. At least you got home safely. I hope its an easy and inexpensive fix. But the beach was fun, right?

Jboo said...

Oh my word -- that really stinks. Hope it can be or has already been fixed and didn't cost an arm and a leg. OY -- hate car troubles!!

But, on a more positive note -yes, you must blog about the beach!!!