Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Crash in the Night

It was that magical time of night.

Kids all played out, not time for dinner, and full of complaining.

What do you do?

You bribe them with a little tv.

Little girls went running to Katie's room. They love to plop themselves on her bed and catch a little Looney Tunes.

Ah, peace. I sat to read my book.....and did for quite a while....but then I heard....

A very loud crash from upstairs.

Oh my. Not good.

Was it the tv? Trophies? Shelves? Crystal?

I went racing upstairs only to find both little girls stretched out on the bed.


What happened?

Oh, Abby just fell off the bed.

I don't know of anyone else who falls off the bed while watching tv.

Kid's got talent, let me tell you.

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