Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sixteen Dollars

No, no, no, not Sixteen Candles. That came out in the 80's, right? Maybe? I don't feel like googling it so.....go with it.

Sixteen dollars bought us two hours of fun today.

Kinda sorta.

The fun part is debatable....depending on your age.

First up, glow in the dark mini golf. Yep, got to love that. Bright neon, lit up clothing, and shining shoes. A mom's dream.

But hey, when you have two free passes and only have to pay for one game, it's worth the price.

Until you hear....

"Mom, how many times did she hit that ball?"

"Hey, she counted wrong."

"Is it my turn yet?"

"Why does she get to go first again?"

The. Longest. Thirty. Minutes. Of. The. Day.

Or, so I thought.

You see, it was a cloudy, rain looming, no pool kind of day.....and after golf, it was only 11:45. Yikes.

What now?

Mickey D's for lunch and playtime!

We haven't been out for fast food in months.

Seriously. We haven't. So this was a real treat.

Well, except for the night Alex took the girls out to eat while I hung out with friends to celebrate the end of school. (important note.....remember this event!)

But this lunch idea brought the Dreaded Playland into the picture. UGH.

However, I bit the bullet and went to McDonald's for lunch and ate IN the Dreaded Playland.

Side note: (I'm such a good mommy, huh? Even the girls were shocked!)

After a specified amount of food had been consumed, I turned them loose with all the other heathens.

Let me tell you what, there are a lot of "I'm going to do what I want even if you say no, kind of kids out there."

And a bunch of parents who are oblivious to their kids and how obnoxious they truly are in public. Holey Moley. My teacher self was on the rise when I called it quits.

To quote Alex from a month ago (after the aforementioned dinner out):

"I have seen hell. It is playland."


Shanci said...

Maybe you should have been at a Chick-fil-A instead...just saying.

NeuroMama said...

Giggle. I also loved the post about the nacho. And, I love the new blog design. So pretty!

Julie said...

Haha, I know what you mean with the heathens in the play area's. We just had the same problem in a kids water play area. Wow, I cant believe how much parents "look the other way" while there. Ugh! By the way, I love the new blog!

The Johnson 5 said...

Mother of the year is what you are!! I can't do Mc Donald's or the playland, my stomach won't let me. A few years ago (and one of the last times we went) Hannah climbed into the space ship thing hanging from the ceiling at a Mc Donalds and came down soaked in cold urine that belonged to another heathen!
Nasty ness!!!