Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Grammar Lesson.....

You'd think by third grade, a student would understand plurals, right?

One juice box means you get ONE.

One book means you get ONE.

One cookie means you get ONE.

Seems pretty easy, doesn't it?

Well, evidently Anna Grace is grammatically challenged. I cannot get her to understand that when you have nachos, you ask for NACHOS, not nacho.

And y'all, I've been over this with her numerous times.

Tonight, we had tacos. Anna Grace always wants nachos instead which is fine. But I decided to prove my point.

Mom: Anna Grace, what do you want tonight?

AG: A nacho (answered while she was reading and not watching me).

So, she got a nacho.

Abby just giggled the whole time.

Anna Grace sat down to eat and said, "Hey......that's not funny, mom."

So what do you want?

"Nachos, mom. Nachos."

And that's what she got.

Here's hoping she remembers for the next time......

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Anne and Mike said...

Love the story, love the new blog look. Maybe someday we'll get around to updating ours.