Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Math is NOT my Friend

Or more accurately, homework is not my friend. But today’s battle was with math.

Math and knowing when to regroup when subtracting.

And my kid played dumb like she’d never seen it before. Lucky me.

I spent part of my day teaching this and got to do it again after school.

Again, lucky me.

The session started off with the prompt…..

“Okay, if I have 0 cookies, can I give you 6?”

Dummy me thought that would be an easy answer.

I was wrong.

Her response?


How, I asked?

The response….”You can just bake more.”

Math is going to be the death of me.

1 comment:

NeuroMama said...

Clearly, she's a creative problem solver, which is sign of high intelligence. So, hopefully, she won't even need your homework assistance much longer because she'll have it all figured out for herself.