Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Final Countdown

Yep, the final days until Christmas and what do you know…..?

*All my shopping is done (and wrapped) before Christmas Eve for the first time ever!

*The highlight of the zoo visit was watching the panda bear poop.

*My big kids think the abbreviation CN means either Canada or Connecticut. Why they didn't consider China is beyond me.

*Evidently it IS possible to subtract six cookies from zero. You just make more cookies.

*No matter how much food you put in the pantry, someone will always say, “There’s nothing to eat!”

*None of my kids have any common sense. I’m a bit scared.

*Wrapping presents without labels is not a good thing.

*There is no such thing as “no talking medicine”.

*Katie fell asleep reading the newspaper. At 5pm.

Yep, the final days until Christmas and what do I want….?

*All my kids home for the holiday. Hard with Katie working a retail job at school an hour away. Sigh.

*No screaming and yelling from little people. Like I’m ever going to get that wish…

*No more shopping at all. Maybe???

*Laughter and smiles to fill the house.

*No more school. Sigh. Two more days to go.

*Visits with family and friends….

*Lots of good food and drink(s)…..

Yep, the final days until Christmas and guess what??

*We are thankful for good friends and family that fill our lives. Blessings to all as you begin this holiday week.

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