Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Dusty Sign

I have never stated that my claim to fame involves cooking or cleaning.

But that is common knowledge, isn’t it?

There are some rooms in my house I don’t venture into much at all. Alex’s room being one. Scary place.

The office is another place I don’t visit often. I only go in there to print something or open the blinds. That’s about it.

You see, I make the kitchen my office since that is where my laptop resides.

The office is primarily Alex’s zone….computer, tv, games, etc.

Well, this morning I went in to open the blinds.

I happened to glance down and saw….

Oh my. Guess we need to dust, huh?

Now, whose little piggy toes are those? And how did they get there?

Good thing she left her calling card….

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