Sunday, March 2, 2008

Quick life synopsis.....

Life has picked up speed here in GA now that spring is arriving. Here is a quick run down on our last two weeks:
-We had success with finding Katie a prom dress (red!). Her boyfriend is excited it's red. He is going to wear all black and a red tie---picture the Mafia! They are going with 20 other friends on a party bus to Atlanta where the prom will be held. This is not until May but heaven forbid we don't start early. Geesh.
-Alex tried out for the school track team for no apparent reason and made the team. Don't know how since he can be rather lazy. Anyhow, his reaction was like, "Oh good grief, I made the team. Now what!" I gather the coach was desperate and took any boy who tried out. Lucky us.
-Soccer season began for Alex's club team. First game was a win. He's playing goalie which I can't stand but he loves.
-Alex is involved with rehearsals for a band festival so between soccer, track, and band, his life is pretty busy. As is ours.......Again I say, thank goodness Katie can drive.
-Katie got her scores from the ACT and was very pleased with the result. She took the SAT on Saturday and said it was easier. Guess we'll see! We head to Valdosta State the end of the month for their spring open house. We need to schedule Armstrong Atlantic in Savannah as well.
-Anna Grace continues to get in trouble at school on almost a daily basis. Her Pre-K teacher had to leave a month ago because her husband was transferred out of state. The new one overlapped with the old one for almost a month to help the kids adjust. Don't know if the teacher expectations are different or if it is just AG, but things are not going well since the original teacher left. Good thing I have some say into her kindergarten teacher next year. I need someone who will be patient, understanding, and demanding. Strange combination but that's what she needs.
-The girls spent the night together last night and did very well. Our hope (well mine anyhow) is to move them into the same room and create a playroom with the extra space. Abby said her room would be the playground! She forgot what word she was supposed to use. :-)
-Anna Grace is preparing for her first dance recital if we allow her to continue in class. She has ballet on Friday nights so is worn out from the week of trying to listen and obey so does not do very well in class. If her current behavior continues, we will yank her from class and skip recital.
-Abby loves school and her teachers. She gets upset if she forgets to tell them goodbye. We've had to go back into school to tell them bye!
-Today was a fun filled day of doing mulch. Let me tell you, the only kids who were excited were under the age of 5.
-We took the girls to church today for the first time since our Christmas disaster. We took along Color Wonder markers and books (which we've done before with no success). But today, they both did fine. In fact, it's only Anna Grace we worry about. She won't be still. But she did today. Maybe there is hope. We went to the noon Mass so they'd had lots of time to play ahead of time.

This week is filled with soccer, track, band, school, ballet, gymnastics, work, and everything in between. Sorry we have no pictures right now. I'll try and do better next update!

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Julie said...

I am now tired after reading all of that!

We were going to sign Mae up for dance until I learned about the 4-5 hour recital. too much and they put the little kiddos in at the begining and the end so you cannot leave and your 4 year old has to dance and "be good" at 930 pm. one word: Whatever!