Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!

Katie turned 17 today after a week-end long celebration! She had friends over Saturday night for dinner out/spend the night/cake, went out with her boyfriend last night, and stayed home with the girls and I tonight for a birthday dinner (Alex and Dave had a soccer game). We did cake on Saturday night but the little ones were already in bed. So we were at dinner tonight when one of them asked about her cake. When we said it was already gone, they said "but we didn't sing happy birthday!". Off to the store we went to get another cookie cake. :-)

I think she's had a good day except that by staying home tonight (her choice!) meant she missed her boyfriend's baseball game. As it turned out, he has pitched well tonight and made two home runs (so far!). She is very disappointed she was not there so is preparing to head to the high school to meet the bus as the team returns from the game.

Every goal Alex scored in soccer, I was not there for either. So I understand her disappointment!!


verna said...

Those are some mighty fine looking girls you've got there. Love all the green!! Happy BD Katie!

Mei Mei Journal said...

Tell Katie "Happy Birthday" from the Highs. Your girls are all beautiful. Lindsay is turning 16 soo. Where did the time go?