Thursday, March 13, 2008

Teenagers.....oh my

For a few weeks, Alex has track, band, and soccer practices all on the same day. Today was a band and soccer day. I showed up at his school at 5 to pick him up. He ran to the car saying he forgot his cleats at home so could we run home to get them on our way to practice. Well, okay. I guess we have to do that. He went back to band for a moment and returned with his friend who I was also taking to practice. His friend is already dressed in soccer gear. I look at Alex and ask, "Where is your stuff?". The answer? "In Katie's car."

Well Katie's car was enroute to her boyfriend's baseball game. Good grief! I just recently started having Katie drive Alex to school somedays so he avoids a bus ride---long story there. Anyhow, today was the first time he had practice on a day Katie drove him. Bonehead that he is, it never crossed his mind to take his things with him to school for the day. So his stuff is in her car, we don't have extra shin pads or goalie gloves at home, so now what? I start calling Katie over and over again. After 15 minutes, she realized I had been calling and called back. Fortunately she was still at her friend's house so was not too far away. She met us at the soccer fields and left for the game late. And the boys were quite late for the start of practice.


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