Friday, March 14, 2008

Kid news

Here is an email I shared with family tonight. The part about Katie is a repeat but the rest is new.

Wanted to share a few things with you! Katie has been selected to be the head editor of her high school yearbook for next year. She is excited but nervous as well. She’ll be taking three AP classes so is worried about time constraints. But her teacher would not have chosen her if she didn’t think Katie could handle it. I told her to delegate well!!

Alex had his first track meet on Wednesday. He ran his personal best one mile run. He didn’t place (finished upper third) but did much better than he anticipated. For never having run track before, he was happy. He is back into the spring soccer season where is playing mostly goalie or sweeper. Another game tomorrow-----

We officially withdrew Anna Grace from ballet tonight. She just isn’t ready to be patient and listen. She can do all the skills but during the down time or instruction……she is all over the place. Her teacher doesn’t need that kind of hassle so we withdrew her. Maybe in a few years.

Abby continues to blossom daily. She is very much becoming a three year old---sassy and happy. You never know what kind of mood she’ll be in from moment to moment! She continues to love school and has to tell every last person goodbye before she leaves the building!

We had a family movie night tonight watching “The Bee Movie”. It’s the first Friday in a month we’ve all been home! The two big kids are currently in Katie’s room hanging out listening to music while the little ones are in bed. It’s great to see that K and A are spending some time together. This is Katie’s birthday weekend so the remainder of our evenings will be spent with her friends or boyfriend here. Can’t believe she will be 17!

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