Thursday, September 8, 2011

Too Comfortable at School??

I'm thinking my child has become too comfortable at school.

After all, the teachers are mommy's friends. Many hours are spent roaming the halls, visiting, getting updates from others, and hanging out.

Today I learned something new which told me a certain little girl definitely feels comfortable in her surroundings.

Evidently, her teacher asked her to hush several times. Shocking. Or maybe she was told to put away her mechanical pencil one too many times. I have forgotten now but neither one is surprising.

In any case, after a funny comment from her teacher, the child in question stuck her tongue out at the aforementioned grown up.

Uh oh.

She quickly realized the error in her ways, covered her mouth in shock, and didn't say a word.

A few minutes later, the child got up and gave her teacher a big hug.

This reminded me of an episode just a few short years ago.

The principal was visiting the classroom. My child, yes my child, chose this time to say.....

"Can you please leave? You are too loud and I can't concentrate on my work."

Yep, too comfortable.

And it's only going to get worse.

I'm scared.

The fourth and fifth grade teachers at my school should be too.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Hair

I think my hair is trying to trick me.

I baby it with soft brushing (kinda sorta).

I make it look young over and over again (very frequently).

I always use conditioner to keep the smoothness (but to no avail).

True, I don't keep up with haircuts but....that's no reason to turn on me.

You see, my hair has convinced the rest of my body that I'm old.

No matter how often I adjust the color, the oldness still shines through.

With gray.

And with increased frequency.

Toss in the creaky knees, the tired legs, the multiple blue veins, sore hips, plus a host of other ailments, and I blame my hair.

After all, if my hair were cooperative, this may not be the case.

If my hair was always a nice shade of brown without a tinge of gray, the rest of my body would work just fine.


(go with me)

I guess my next step is to invent a hair color that works forever AND cures all other ailments.

No problem.

I'm on it.