Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tis' Thanksgiving Day!

Tis the day of Thanksgiving,
and what do your hear?
Not the prancing and pawing
of eight tiny reindeer.

Pots are a’clanging,
timers are beeping,
some family is chatting,
but some are still sleeping.

Clash, go the silverware,
bang, go the plates.
More family is coming,
we cannot be late!

Tis the day of Thanksgiving
and what do you smell?
Turkey and potatoes,
does that ring a bell?

What other scents do
you sniff through your nose?
Pies, breads, and veggies,
can’t forget those!

Add stuffing and berries,
and drinks all around.
We know for sure
good times will be found.

Tis the day of Thanksgiving
and what do we see?
The Macy’s day parade
live on the tv.

Busy hands are spotted
setting the table,
still others preparing
what they are able.

Apple turkeys and friends
are headed our way
to help decorate the table
a bit later today.

Tis the day of Thanksgiving
and what do we say?
Blessings to all,
on this Thanksgiving Day!

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Courtney said...

Happy Thanksgiving!