Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The other day, we pulled up our boots, cracked the whip, and set forth on an adventure to Grandma and Grandpa’s house….ten hours away.

Oh my.

All the way there, we were asked, “What state are we in now?”

For ten long hours.

Yes, I am thrilled about the prospects of driving home.

After spending one day just chilin’, we opted to venture out into the great outdoors. The great outdoors meaning…Colonial Williamsburg.

Ah, the sights…of Christmas coming….

…the sights of Colonial days….

….the sights of saved parents…..

…the sights of important people signs…

…and the sight of one obnoxious teenage boy ruining yet another picture….and in a church, no less!

Heaven help me....


JShannon said...

Ahh, those stocks. I have many pictures of my kids in them too! Looks like you guys are having a nice time.

Jboo said...

Oh man -- what a fun trip! Don't you love it when they act up in a picture in a church, no less! Cute and funny!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your most adorable family!


Teresa =) said...

A few thoughts as I saw this post:

* I see MANY Christmas card photos in there! (What says "Merry Christmas" louder than kids in stocks?!")

* Teenage boy has been working out!

* Teenage girl looks EXACTLY like her mother in that last picture. Smile, Katie!!

Teresa =)

Missy said...

LOVE these pictures! The beauty of Colonial Williamsburg always takes my breath away! I also had to laugh at "the teenage boy who ruined the pic". Reminds me of my brother and when we were growing up. Typical male :)