Sunday, December 20, 2009

Teenage Boys.....

If you have one, you already know. But if you don’t, let me fill you in with my experience. If you have a little boy, get ready.

Teenage boys eat. He will get in the car and eat anything mom has left from lunch, eat a snack once home, and eat dinner an hour later. How?

Teenage boys don’t ever come ask questions. They text from room to room or instant message on skype. Or, they send their little sisters to ask for them.

Teenage boys don’t like to clean up. They prefer to dump their clothes in the entry way to the bedroom and step over them. Why?

Teenage boys think climbing up the side of the house is fun. Mom does not like this game.

Teenage boys wear shorts when it’s freezing outside and jeans when it’s hot. Yep.

Teenage boys have a higher average in Spanish than in English. And English is the only language spoken at home. Kinda makes you wonder…..

Teenage boys create new and exciting games. Take dodgeblock for example. This is dodgeball on steroids. Think throwing blocks instead of balls. Get the picture?

Teenage boys do projects that involve being hit by a car. Don’t worry, there was adult supervision.

Teenage boys are fun to embarrass in front of their girlfriends.

Don’t you wish you had one?

Get your own. You can’t have mine.


Tara said...

I LOVE IT!! Of course having 1 and almost a 2nd teenage boy in the house I can relate.

Mine don't play dodgeblock but mine play stingpong. Its ping pong without paddles and you nail the other person with the ball leaving horrible marks on the other person and sometimes hitting them so hard it splits the ball in half.

Where do they get their brains?

day by day said...

well....I have one of my own and he is just what you describe and then some. He is, indeed... the reason for all of my gray hair!

does your son grunt his answers when you speak to him? mine answers other adults in an audible way, but grunts answers to me...then gets mad when I don't understand!


Jboo said...

So funny and so true! Luckily (for me) my boys are just beyond teenagers, but they still have many of the teenage habits!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Kim said...

Love this post! At least now I know I'm not alone! Yes, I'm still washing shorts in December and I shouldn't even attempt to purchase a winter coat because it would only hang in the closet. I don't know whether my brain has slowed down with old age or if he just talks way to fast for me to comprehend so now I just "grunt" back :-) But how I love this child!

Enjoy your teenage son!

Anonymous said...

Does this also happen to the little boys who adore their mommy and are actually kind of girlie (i.e., prefer princess dresses to action figures)?


Teresa =) said...

What?!?! You mean my devious little six-year-old boy will turn into an evil TEENAGER one day?!?!?!

Nobody warned me...

Teresa =)

Matt and Tambra said...

I think dodgeblock was at my house? Yep, lovely. And the higher average in Spanish, yep - makes perfect sense! But the car accident was fantastic!!!! I'm glad he's this way - his near twin lives at my house!!!