Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fair? What's that?

Think back to your childhood…..even if it was a long time ago. Are you there yet? Keep going back….okay, you can stop now.

If you had siblings, you can relate to my story.

When we were growing up, everything had to be perfectly fair. If someone had a cherry in their fruit cocktail, all three of us needed to have one. If someone had ice cream for dessert, all three bowls better have looked pretty equal. If someone had a cookie, the others better be allowed to also.

You get the picture. I’m sure your own kids do the same thing.

My house is no different. But today’s issue took the top prize.

The girls just had lunch. One had pizza, the other a turkey sandwich. In my quest to not clean, I gave them paper plates. The one with pizza got two plates because we know how greasy pizza can be once reheated.

We were happily eating lunch when the turkey sandwich kid noticed the pizza kid had two plates yet she only had one.

“Mommy, how come she has two plates and I only have one?”

I showed her the greasy top plate so she could understand better. Yes, I had to justify my actions. Geesh.

Turkey sandwich girl listened to my tale, paused and said,

“Well, tomorrow I am going to have pizza too.”

All that just to get two plates just like her sister? You’ve got to be kidding.

I think I’ll just give her one plate and see what she says.....


NeuroMama said...

Ha ha. They don't miss a thing, do they?

Happy New Year!

Ivy said...


I am sooooooo glad you stopped by. Just finished adding another few pics and wanted to reply to you.

What a funny story, and I must say Kira does the same thing with me. Glad we're able to capture these moments cause I'd likely forget a whole bunch:))

Happy New Year to you and your family.


ralph said...

hmm, i might be doing something wrong! fairness in my house might cut down on all that bickering... but, i wouldn't want things to get boring around here! heeheehee!

hope you had great holidays and a very happy new year!!!