Friday, February 22, 2008

From one sleep issue to another!

Well, Anna Grace is doing very well staying in her own bed all night long. For those unfamiliar with her sleep habits, she would wake up during the night, come to our room, and sleep on the floor. A promise of a new penny every day has gotten her to stay in bed. Either that or she decided to be a big girl. She has said both things to me. So, knock on wood, we are making progress with her! She still wants to know mommy is in the hallway when she is falling asleep but I can deal with that. That's what laptops are for!

However, Abby is starting a new trend. She has been a super sleeper. Her only issue was not getting out of bed when she woke up. She would stay in bed and play but never get out of bed. Sounds good until she has to go to the bathroom. Instead of getting out of bed as logic would dictate, she would sit in bed and scream because she had to go. Someone had to tell her to get out of bed. Whew. So this week when Anna Grace started staying in bed all night, Abby started getting out of bed by herself. Yeah for us! Until today. She arrived in my room at 4:30am ready for the day. When I told her it was still night time, she broke down fussing and said, "But I like you Mommy". I like you too Abby but not at 4:30 in the morning!! Keep your fingers crossed that tonight goes better. :-)

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Carrie&Aaron said...

My two year old gets uo every night between 3-5 and thinks it is time to get up too- I just put him back in the bed but then my husband wants to know why I am so sleepy during the day and why I need a nap-well Just when you get one sleeping throught the night anyother one starts not sleeping throught the night so I take a nap everyday and don't feel bad about it!