Saturday, February 16, 2008


Katie and I spent the day at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville today. We were both very impressed with the campus, facilities, and academics. I can't belive how much colleges have changed since I was a student! GCSU is wireless everywhere (which of course had Katie asking for a pink laptop), has suites in the dorms so you aren't sharing a bathroom with 20 people, food courts for the cafeteria (we sure didn't have that!), state of the art computer labs, new fitness center, etc. College sounds pretty nice right now! We are going to see Valdosta State and perhaps Armstrong as well. Not sure about others. We've already "sort of seen" Georgia Southern when we were there for a football game. We may return but I'll leave that up to Katie. She likes the idea of UGA but is not sure it's for her since it is so big. Would love to go to GA Tech but is not mechanically inclined. :-) I can't believe we are already visiting colleges with her. Wow. Some days I feel young since we have little ones (although they make me feel old too!). But today, I thought about my college years and it seems so long ago.

We actually lived in Milledgeville when Katie was one so she and I headed off to find our old townhouse. Amazingly enough, I was able to locate it. Katie was not very impressed with her previous home!

The other kids stayed home with daddy and had a great day. The kids and I are off for the next week so we are going to stay home and do nothing. It's going to be wonderful! We are off in April for spring break and may head to the beach part of that time. We're not totally sure yet. Dave will likely be in China so I will be trying to keep the kids entertained and busy. :-)

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