Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Pictures I Didn't Take

We've had a week of all six of us under one roof. For the first time in years. Even at home, we didn't have all of us for that long. So, you'd think I'd have documentation of this extraordinary experience. 

Nope. I have two pictures. One of all four kids when Alex arrived. And one at Disney. That's it. 

I had good intentions though. 

If I'd been a better mom, we would have shots to include:

*two big kids holding hands with two little kids while out and about

*smiles and giggles from four kiddos

*people taking pictures of the big ones in public (yep, for real---they are celebrities)

*four kids playing games together

*little ones cuddles up with big ones on the couch

*hanging on for dear life on taxi rides

*Alex playing drums on girls' heads

*strolling the mall in search of Dave's birthday gift and Anna's birthday cake

*my face on Space Mountain (well, it's Hyperspace Mountain here)

*Anna Grace navigating the Metro station (going the wrong way)

*six faces dripping with sweat in 90 degree weather but feels like 110

*taxi buddies--Abby said, "I love my taxi buddies (Alex and Dave). 

*Alex nailing a Chinese guy on bumper cars after the dude took his picture

*our furniture arriving and rental furniture leaving at the same time. Oh my. 

*Katie doing funky hair styles on short girls

*dinner on the waterfront

*riding the cable car over the mountain while at Ocean Park (think HK Sea World)-----I faced the floor the whole time

*the fish counter at the grocery store (alive and dead----yuck!!!)

*all the obvious stares from Chinese people upon seeing our family 

*the last hugs when Alex walked out the door this morning

Our next visit will be at Christmas time. Don't know where we will meet but it will happen. 

Until then, I'm going to pretend we moved to Hawaii. 

Because that's not as far from Georgia as Hong Kong. 

Still can't get home quickly but it makes it seem like we are closer. 

Go with it.......


Christy Eberle said...

Wonderful word pictures, and way to be living in the moment. Thinking you are in Hawaii will be tricky if we get to book a flight (LOL).

Good to see the blog back on line - hugs from Newnan!

Shari U said...

Hawaii is lovely this time of year. (See, I'm playing along). I do the same thing...forget to stop and take pictures. And then it occurs to me that I didn't get the camera out because I was thoroughly in the moment and enjoying my family. Sometimes the best snapshots are the ones tucked away with our memories. Surf's up!

Brande said...

Your view is gorgeous! I hope the girls love their new school. I'm so glad you are blogging, I love hearing about what life is like over there. Cardyn was coming home from carpool a few nights ago saying how much she missed AG & you guys - she has such fun soccer memories with your family! Love y'all!