Friday, August 19, 2011

Ring a Ding Ding

As I blew the dust off the blog, I realized it's been almost a month since I last posted. Whoops.

Anna Grace started third grade and Abby started first grade....and I didn't blog about it.

Alex started his senior year with being tossed into an Interior Design class.....and I didn't blog about it.

Katie moved to a new apartment for her junior year....and I didn't blog about it.

Oh well.

Just use your imagination.....

There, that saved me several posts! Thanks!

Onward and upward.....

Abby, my little word mixer upper, came home with a story last night.

When questioned about friends she sat by at lunch, Abby said, "Conner and Ding."

I looked at her quite puzzled and said, "Ding? Is that his name?"

She said, "Yes".

Hmmm, what an unusual name. This needed further clarification.

"Abby, you mean like ring a ding ding? That kind of ding?"

"No, mom. We don't call him ring a ding ding. It's just Ding." (complete with an exasperated sigh)

Poor child, I thought. I can just hear young boys teasing him.

"Abby, are you sure that is his name?"

"Yes (with another big sigh). That is his name."

Today, I did some checking at school and searched Abby's class list for the aforementioned friend named Ding.

Guess what? Ding is not in her class.....

But Dean is.


I just hope she has not been calling him Ding for the past two weeks.....


Christy said...

The Ding story had me rolling. Always come here when I need a smile.


Anne and Mike said...

Love the story! Lilah asked for Noculators which we finally figured out were binoculors. She still calls them Noculators and now, so do we!