Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rainy Days and Sundays

My morning started off smoothly. Everyone was home, everyone was going to church to hear Alex play in the band, everyone was happy.

Until…we actually got to church. Then a certain second grader’s behavior took a nosedive. Sigh. Kind of set the tone for the day.

So when daddy left to drive Katie back to collge, I decided to make my escape as well.

All the way to the grocery store. Yippee.

I left the girls with Alex and his girlfriend and drove as slowly as I could to the store.

Got to relish those moments, you know.

I was a good shopper and did not veer from my list this time. I even used coupons. Yay me!

But as I was checking out, I realized it was pouring rain. I knew it was coming. I had just hoped to beat it home.


Loaded the van, returned the cart, and drove my wet self home.

And I got home to this……

Say what?

I kept watching and saw more….

Cheap entertainment which didn’t require any fire (which usually happens with Alex).

And it put this certain child

in a better mood.

At least until she was told to help clean up….


NeuroMama said...

Your little ones are so lucky to have such a fun loving (and little girl tolerating) big brother!

And, I am totally with you on the "stretch out the grocery shopping trip as long as possible" plan. I do that myself almost every week (at least, every chance I get).

JShannon said...

Sister, I hear ya! Whenever I get to go anywhere by myself I draaaaaaaaag it out. I have become a pro at adding at least 1/2 hour onto grocery shopping time.

Laura L. said...

Those are some creative kids. LOL!

I have to admit that I enjoy getting away to the grocery store alone sometimes. Depends on my mood. Sometimes I hate going to the store at all!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

This looks like SO much fun... the stuff I use to do when I was a kid... suppose I should start doing fun stuff like this again :) You only live once...