Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Keep Swimming.....

Remember Dory from Finding Nemo? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming? Yep, that’s me right now. Trying to keep pluggin' along....

Two weeks ago found us getting ready to start school. I returned to special ed and began the slow swim to the surface. It’s hard coming back into the program after a few years of being out….rules and routines have changed, students are unfamiliar, and demands are great. I am fortunate to have a great staff working with the kids. That makes the job so much easier.

Abby began the Pre-K4 program at her daycare and loves it. But I drop her off in the morning for breakfast before Pre-K actually begins. So, I have no pictures of her first day entering the Pre-K room or hanging with her teachers.

Hey, I wasn’t organized enough to even take pictures at home that early in the morning!

We all know how much Alex loves having his picture taken so there are none of him boarding the bus to begin his sophomore year. Yep, the bus. No more rides with Katie.

Anna Grace started first grade and was able to have Katie walk her to class.

Of course, within three days of starting school, she had already lost a behavior point because she could not stop talking and playing. Am I shocked?

One week ago found us shopping for Catlan’s graduation gift. Yes, I realize the kids graduated May 29. Yes, I realize it is now August. It takes me time to get organized. We decided to go with the “stocking of the kitchen” theme for his gift. He insisted he did not want plates and silverware like Katie and her roommates purchased. So we got him paper and plastic. Works for him! Toss in pizza pans, pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, spatula, can opener, and other such basics and you are set for dorm food. After all, how much work is pizza or a pan of taquitos?

One week ago also found us celebrating Anna Grace’s sixth birthday. Can’t believe she is already six! Time sure has flown since she came to us as a clingy yet demanding eleven month old. Her big gift this year was a new bike. Whoopee! It’s just so much fun to watch her ride it when it’s 95 degrees outside.

And now today. Today brings us buying groceries to stock a dorm kitchen. Paying the remainder of tuition after scholarships kicked in. Buying expensive textbooks. Packing the car.

The first birdie is leaving the nest.

She is excited, anxious, scared, and unsure.

We are excited, anxious, scared, and unsure.

Changes, they are a’comin’…….


day by day said...

awww...don't worry Mama...she will be okay and she will come flying back before you know it!

You guys have lots going on over there....reminds me of our home. : )

Your girls are getting so big...they are adorable!

Ryan just loves getting his picture taken...just like your Alex! He litterally groans if I ask him...TELL him I am taking his pic!

The Johnson 5 said...

my tears are falling into my coffee cup this morning!

I'm not even going to try and say anything cute or funny, just you can do it momma! I'm thinking and praying for you all today!

Jboo said...

Oh my -- you have a lot on your plate, don't you!

Great grad gift! My boys would have loved that!

Happy b-day and first grade and pre-k to your littles! Good luck with sending one to college! Time goes by way too fast.


NeuroMama said...

I love the update. I can't believe that you have a daughter who is leaving for college. Did you try to convince her to start her own blog so all of us will know what she's up to? Ha ha. And, I'm guessing from this post that her boyfriend chose college vs. MLB. Are they going to the same college (or nearby)?

Carrie said...

Wow I am not sure I can handle them leaving!

Denise said...

I late commenting on this. Sorry. I hope that you BOTH do well. When Trace left for college it was Julia and Jenna that had the hardest time. They just didn't understand why he left.

Margaret M said...

Thinking of you as you adjust to your New Normal! Sometimes I just want to avoid all change and then the changes surprise me! Wishing for you some wonderfully special surprises this year! Hugs!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said... much change. It sounds like you are all dealing with it well...

And very cool grad present for Catlan...