Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tag, you're it!

I've been tagged by my friend Karen to post three random things about me. So, let's see. Hmmmmm..............

1. I broke both my arms in the third grade by jumping off my swing. My mom was at work (only worked Saturdays) but my dad (go dad!) thought I was fine. So, he took my siblings and I to go watch him at the driving range that afternoon. My mom was quite pertubed when she got home that day. Needless to say, we spent lots of time that day at the emergency room. :-)

2. I was born in Hawaii. I don't remember a darn thing about it but I spent the first two years of my life there!

3. I am dual certified in early childhood and special education. I have spent an equal number of years (in the public school system) teaching both types of students. School is always an everchaging event! I am game for whatever is required of me for that school year.

Okay, who shall I tag next??? I will email you and let you know!

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