Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!
We've had a busy few days. My parents have been here to visit so we've been shopping, to the movies, had friends for dinner, made lots of food, and generally just hung around the house. The weather hasn't been great so we didn't have much choice about what we could do. Alex received a cookbook from my parents since he has expressed an interest in cooking. He made us dinner the other night---chicken and chile enchiladas. Quite good!

Both Katie and Alex had friends over last night for New Years Eve while we had good friends and grandparents. The kids spent the evening playing video games, shooting fireworks, and eating. The adults visited, tried out the video games, and blew stuff up (someone had to be the fireworks director!). Some of the teens had to leave before midnight to get home and others spent the night. Those that were left watched the ball drop all set with hats, blowers, and wine glasses with sparking juice. We then headed back outside for more fireworks! My parents gave up early and amazingly slept through the noise. The little girls did the same. I have no idea how! The older kids had the video games running through the surround sound on the big screen tv so it was quite loud. Anyhow, grandma/grandpa got to meet the kids friends (boys and girls) so were pleased they were able to be here for that. However, I don't think they will volunteer to be here for New Years again!

School starts again tomorrow so we are back to our busy schedule. We head to Disney World though in less than two weeks so we have another little break right around the corner!

Alex making dinner for us with the supervision of Grandma

Two silly little girls

After multiple attempts to get Alex to cooperate for a picture, this is all I could get. Therefore, I am adding it just to annoy him!

Katie and Anna Grace amidst the chaos

Katie as a future drummer.....

Katie and her best girls-----they have non alcoholic sparking juice in their glasses!

Midnight arrives!

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