Friday, March 9, 2012

Oil, Cars, and Boys....Oh My!

A short eleven months ago, we bought a fourth vehicle to accommodate our fourth driver. Thankfully, we did not spend a lot on it as we soon discovered the car had a drinking problem.

Uh oh.

Yep, we had purchased an oil junkie.


Must explain why the price on the car was so cheap, but I digress....

We stressed the importance of checking the oil to The Boy but what 17 year old kid does that faithfully? After all, that's what the lights on the dashboard are for, right?

Guess not.

Two weeks ago, the car croaked. Dead. On. Arrival.

Teen Boy, no oil, on the highway, car shuddering, and lights blinking equal a dead car.

At an ungodly hour, but I won't go there.

End result? Fried engine.

Can't tell you how excited I was to learn this information.

A perfectly nice car got hauled off to the salvage yard. Sigh.

Let me just tell you, visiting a salvage yard is an interesting experience.

Two guys (with just a few teeth between them) asked me about the car, commiserated about its demise, and offered advice for the future all while the girls played happily in the dirt digging up lost nuts and bolts.

We got to watch the Dead Car get picked up by a forklift, hauled off to be weighed, and taken off to parts unknown.

Poor car.

For our contribution to the salvage yard, we were awarded a check for $294.


Would much rather have the car. Sigh.

But according to the girls, we are now rich!

Ah, to be 8 again.....