Thursday, March 11, 2010

Destruction times Two

My various houses, furniture, and other belongings survived the rise from babyhood to teen years with the big kids with very little problem.

So why is it that the little ones are on a search and destroy mission?

Over the past few years, they have worked alone or together to….

write with permanent black marker on the sofa cushions

pull apart pillows

use marker, pencils, or crayons to decorate unsuspecting surfaces

dump bubbles all over a person or an object

kick the disc drive on the computer so it is unusable

break the computer table

pour make-up all over Katie’s white carpet

cut hair, clothes, or other easily damaged items

break pieces off the playset

and endless other things that my feeble old mind has chosen to forget.

What is the deal? Am I too old to have little kids? Have I blocked memories of the behaviors of the big kids from my mind? Am I falling down on my parenting duties?

Likely a combination of all of the above…..and toss in being a busy, working mom to four and the little things (see above) get ignored until it’s too late.

But a memory flashed back to me today when I realized the computer table was broken.

Reference the aforementioned markers that drew on the wall. Mommy put her foot down and said….”NO more markers in our house. EVER!”

Flash forward to Christmas morning when Santa left small washable markers in the girls stockings.

Abby was overheard to say…....”Don’t tell mom that Santa gave us markers. She’ll take them away!”


NeuroMama said...

That made me laugh out loud. Silly Santa! He's always bringing gifts that mommies swore they'd never have in their houses. What's the deal with that?!

The Gotch 5 said...

Ok I have been reading your blog for a little while now. I had to laugh out loud with this one. We too have older kids and then adopted out daughter. There is ten years difference in our oldest and our youngest. I too wondered if he put stickers EVERYWHERE and wrote with sharpies EVERYWHERE and I just don't remember. Surely we have not lost our mind that bad right?! I am going with the thought that when our older ones were young they didn't have older siblings showing them how to use it!!! Santa brought us play do after I swore it would never enter my house after I spent an entire day digging it out of the carpet and cleaning out the dryer that it made it to as well!!! When we decided to adopt we said our daughter was going to keep us young or kill us one or the is now very clear which one of those it is going to be!!! Life doesn't get any better this!!!!

Anne and Mike said...

Markers and crayons have been banned from our house as well. Lilah in particular draws on everything, our walls, furniture and today I discovered that she found a lone crayon and drew on our picture window. We feel your pain. Our older two never did this, although both cut their hair.