Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another milestone down.....

Ah, the beginnings of a new week. How did it begin? With an 8 am soccer game. Yuck. And no, I did not attend. Who wants to be on a soccer field at that time of day?

Today also marked Baccalaureate. In between soccer games today, we headed to a local, extremely popular church for the program. Now, we’ve been there before for other events but I’d forgotten what it was like.

To set the stage: we attend a Catholic church here in town. It’s pretty laid-back as far as Catholic churches go but still quite traditional.

This church we were in today had a huge stage, sound/lighting system, and two big screen TV’s on the wall. Nothing like we’d see each week.

So we read the program to see what we were facing. Turns out there were several songs we would all be singing. Okey dokey. So I browsed through the program to find the words to the songs. Huh, no words. Guess we’re all supposed to know them.

Then it hits me. The words will be on the big screens. Yep, karaoke Baccalaureate.

The high school pastor did a nice job with the service. So all in all, it was fine.

And…..I didn’t cry! Teared up a few times but I had on my waterproof mascara just in case.

When it was over, I headed to the lobby of the church to locate Katie. Not hard to do since Catlan is 6’4” (or more!). Just find him and I’m good.

Tracy, Cat’s mom, took this photo of us for me. You’ll notice Alex and the girls are absent. You think I’m crazy enough to take them to a church service?

You’d think we were trying to kill the teens. Pictures? Why? Are we done yet? No one else is taking pictures. And the comments went on and on.

Just wait until graduation. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


Tara said...

Karaoke Baccalaureate..... I love it!!!

Denise said...

I guess that's the beauty of graduating from a Catholic school-- Ross had no Baccalaureate. But then we had an hour long mass preceding the commencement, so I think we got our Baccalaureate after all.

Jboo said...

Fun times!! Love the photos! Keep that camera handy!

Have a great and fun-filled week!


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have a great blog.
I enjoyed reading it today.

Be sure and stop by my blog and sign up for the "10 Giveaways" that I will draw for on Wednesday.

Also, please pray for sweet Maggie as she returns to St Jude's this week. Would love for you to grab her button for your blog...

Karen said...

Great pictures! I don't know how you find the time to write about them too. I can barely get pics on my website with my 4 kiddos! Congrats on a big day! And a big day for mom to, to realize that she isn't just your baby--- you are a better mom than me!!
Hugs, Karen