Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tag, you're it!

I've been tagged by my friend Karen to post three random things about me. So, let's see. Hmmmmm..............

1. I broke both my arms in the third grade by jumping off my swing. My mom was at work (only worked Saturdays) but my dad (go dad!) thought I was fine. So, he took my siblings and I to go watch him at the driving range that afternoon. My mom was quite pertubed when she got home that day. Needless to say, we spent lots of time that day at the emergency room. :-)

2. I was born in Hawaii. I don't remember a darn thing about it but I spent the first two years of my life there!

3. I am dual certified in early childhood and special education. I have spent an equal number of years (in the public school system) teaching both types of students. School is always an everchaging event! I am game for whatever is required of me for that school year.

Okay, who shall I tag next??? I will email you and let you know!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Country Music Half Marathon

Congratulations to Dave on finishing the Nashville Half Marathon in under two hours!!! That has been his goal for the past few races so he was very excited to achieve it. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random thoughts

I was hoping to add new pictures tonight but the scanner isn't cooperating. I will try again tomorrow if I feel up to the challenge. Don't hold your breath though. :-)

I took Alex and Abby to the doctor today. Both take after me with the allergy issues. As it turns out, Abby has a sinus infection (which I did not guess) and Alex is on the verge of one (which I expected). Both have started antibiotics and new allergy meds in hopes of keeping other issues at bay. I hope it all helps. Spring in GA seems to last a really long time-----something is always growing.

Katie continues to be busy at school. She is attending 4 days per week of AP US History review sessions for her AP test on May 9. That teamed with baseball games means she isn't home very much. I cracked down on that because I felt like she was spending more time with her friends/school than with us. While that is expected at this age, I would like to see her before 9:45 at night. Texting and phone calls are great but I want to physically see you too!

Alex is cranking at the guitar. He loves it which is just great. School is a very far second place behind guitar right now. However, I will say that he has pulled up some grades and is truly trying to become more organized in his work. Due to a new computer grading system, I now have access to the kids grades 24/7. That is a great help as well in making sure they are both staying on top of things!

Anna Grace is still plugging along in Pre-K. While her initial drop off's may not be great, she absolutely loves school. Daddy is taking her tomorrow (I have an early conference) so I have been prepping her for that. A big change in routine can really throw her for a loop. She has started waking up again during the night to come to our room. However, she does not complain when I take her back to her own bed and leave her there. That's a plus!

Abby is trying so much harder to say her sounds. The speech therapist at my school told me to bring her by so they could "play". She is going to give me pointers on how to get Abby to say the /s/ and /f/ sounds---primarily at the beginnings of words. I told Abby this tonight and she said, "Mi Harah i (short i) goin to help me hay my hound" or in other words, "Miss Sarah is going to help me say my sounds"!!

Dave heads to Nashville on Friday to run the Nashville half-marathon. We are not going with him since we don't want to leave school early just to spend the night in a hotel four hours away! He has been working hard to train for this race so I hope he does well. It's the Country Music race so there are country bands every block or so. Should be fun.

I hope the next update includes photos!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gulf Shores, AL

We've just returned from a few days in Gulf Shores, Alabama over spring break. The weather was great, everyone got some sun (some of us more than others!!), and had a good time. Here are a few random pictures of the kids from our time there. There are more of the little ones since they were either around more or more cooperative about pictures!! (click on the pictures for a larger view)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daily life here in GA

No new pics right now, sorry! When we are busy at school, I just don't think to take pictures to post. I will try and do better over the weekends---or next week. It will be our spring break! We will be off for a week. When we return to school, we'll only have 30 days left of the school year. Can you believe it? Wow.

A few things coming up or recent news:
-I am registering Anna Grace for kindergarten in a week or so. Hard to believe she is starting official school! She will come to school with me but go the daycare every afternoon for afterschool care. That way she can have a snack and play while I finish my work. Since I work at the school she will attend, I have a bit of say in who I would like for her teacher. I have two in mind who I think will be a good fit for her personality. I hope it works out!
-We are heading to Gulf Shores, AL for a few days next week assuming the weather holds. As of today it's supposed to be sunny and pleasant. If it's going to be rainy and cold, we're staying home! I'm not paying money to go sit in a condo! Katie's boyfriend will be there at the same time so she is quite excited. His parents own a house there so will be in town at the same time.
-I went to pick up Abby today at school first (a big deal, let me tell you!) whereupon she told me to leave and get Anna Grace because she still wanted to play. So, I went to get AG who was mad I had come to pick her up because she was just starting an art project. Geesh. Does no one want to come home with mommy anymore!
-Alex continues to run track and has been doing the mile lately. He has his mile run down to under six minutes. Pretty good if you ask me!
-Katie is preparing for her AP US History exam in a month. Her teacher has set aside 4 days per week to hold review sessions. Guess she'll be busy with that. On top of other homework and trying to attend the school baseball games. Busy schedule.
-Alex had his guitar lesson last night and learned part of "Sweet Home Alabama" which I really like! I was so excited. He is quite good at the guitar. We can send him to find the "cheat sheet" music for a song and he can come back able to pick it all out. Wish he was that dedicated to school.
-Dave and I continue to stay in the groove of our daily lives, grow more gray hairs, and try to stay one step ahead of the kids. It's not always easy!